While every year the offerings at the Capitol get better and better and better there is usually one play that for some reason or other is a sleeper – by that I mean it is exceptionally good but for some obscure reason the public just weren’t paying attention to the advertising and the audiences panic to get tickets at the last minute when they hear how good it is. I’m betting on the sleeper hit of the summer to be “The Dining Room”.

This is a Soulpepper / Albert Schultz production which promises to be as usual of the highest quality. Being one of Port Hope’s favourite sons Albert has chosen carefully again this year to ensure that we are seeing the best that Soulpepper has to offer. The play is acted by 6 actors who portray over 50 different characters in the play. Funny and touching and altogether first rate.

I’d suggest that you go online and get good seats now before the panic starts.