Without sounding too rhapsodic about Northumberland I absolutely love living here. At first I was very reserved about things as I was at that time still working in Toronto and frankly the driving back and forth was distracting me from life here in Port Hope. As soon as I made the decision to let my partner handle the Toronto clients and focus my attention more on Northumberland things changed dramatically for the better. Of course my husband adapted immediately to life in a smaller town and I hardly see him what with all his new friends, hobbies and activities.

Generally speaking the “two towns”, Port Hope and Cobourg, are functionally one town. People’s shopping, work and entertainment patterns are completely interchangeable due to the fact that the towns are only 8 kilometres apart. Each town complements the other insofar as shopping and entertainment is concerned. Historically there was a great deal of rivalry between the two villages as they competed for industry brought by the shipping in their respective harbours and the rail lines. Interesting fact: at one time Port Hope was the only town through which all three of Canada’s trans continental railroads passed – and yes, there used to be three trans continental railroads.

The countryside is beautiful with rolling hills, forests, lakes and farms. The huge Ganaraska Forest Conservation Area is magnificent for hiking, the Ganaraska River for fishing and all within minutes of downtown Port Hope and Cobourg.

Oh and did I mention golf? We have at least 5 courses that I can think of within an easy drive from town and one course, Penryn, is within the town boundaries of Port Hope.

The area offers … oh well I’m rambling on. Why don’t you just come and visit us and we’d be delighted to show you around.