There are some wonderful things to do in the community that the visitor often isn’t immediately aware of. I’m just going to list a few of them as they pop into my head and if you want more information you can try the tourism sites or drop me a line and I’ll get you more information.

In no particular order here’s a random selection of a few:

Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny

This annual event takes place evry Spring around Easter. Timing depends on the spring melt and the event is a 10 mile ride down the Ganaraska River ending in downtown Port Hope. Anyone can enter and contestants range from canoes & kayaks to homemade floats made from old pop bottles, inner tubes or anything else that floats. Attracts thousands to the river bank and is huge fun with much laughter and spraying of water. A don’t miss event every year.

The All Canadian Jazz Festival Port Hope

A fantastic success in Port Hope that seems to grow and get better every year. Don’t miss this amazing line up of Canadian talent held in the Port Hope bandshell and park next to the Capitol Theatre. Held in the Fall every year this is a not to be missed weekend.

Beach Party in Cobourg

Almost every summer weekend on the beach in Cobourg there is a dance party with rock bands or DJ’s. Very well organised by the town the party is great fun and attracts large crowds of young and old.

Rib Fest

My husband’s favourite event. Victoria Park, adjoining the beach in Cobourg is filled with food vendors selling every type of smoked ribs, brisket, etc. A true pig out in every sense.

Christmas Lights

Both Victoria Park in Cobourg and Memorial Park in Port Hope are beautifully decorated with every tree outlined in Christmas lights. It’s quite magical for an evening stroll

Capitol Christmas

The Capitol Theatre in Port Hope holds a silent auction event in the Theatre’s lobby where up to 75 artificial Christmas trees that have been decorated by local designers. The trees are gorgeous and people come for miles just to admire them. Quite a sight and worth the drive.


While you are visiting the Capitol Christmas why don’t you buy a ticket to the Christmas Pantomime which they produce every year. A scream and fun for young and old. There are two flavours – a children’s version and an adult one.

Salmon & Trout Fishing

I didn’t realize when we moved to the area that the Ganaraska River is a major salmon and trout spawning river and that fishermen come from all over Eastern Canada to fish it and it’s tributaries. If you’re into fishing check it out.

Lowest Gas Prices in Ontario

And of course, in case you didn’t know gas prices are some of the lowest in Ontario in Port Hope and Cobourg. No-one knows why. Gas can be as much as 15¢ a litre cheaper than Toronto. It’s almost worth the drive just to fill up.