Northumberland County is one of the most beautiful counties in Ontario and is often forgotten by the tourist or potential resident.

Frequently people thinking of moving to the east of Toronto skip over us and opt for Prince Edward County (the Bay of Quinte area) without giving Northumberland serious consideration.

This is often a mistake as Northumberland has many features not offered anywhere else.

  1. We’re only 50 minutes from Toronto by car (non rush hour)
  2. We have a rich and diverse cultural arts community from professional to amateur theatre, music – instrumental and choral and artisanal activities.
  3. An architectural heritage second to none in Ontario
  4. Covers a huge area including the charming towns of Campbellford, Brighton, Warkworth and Grafton
  5. Low real estate prices and high quality of life

I personally think that the county is not served well by Ontario Tourism in that it tends to promote all the outdoor activities in the county which is valid as far as it goes but what makes this place exceptional to me is the unbelievably rich range of cultural activities available to residents.

Having lived in Toronto for more than 35 years I don’t think my husband I have ever been as busy socially and have seen more theatre and concerts than we ever did when we lived in the heart of Toronto.

There are more accessible choices on almost any night of the week 12 months of the year than anywhere I know of in the province.

Come and see us – you won’t want to leave.

For more information on all that the County has to offer click on the link below.