About Me

Real Estate is a people business, helping people make life-changing decisions. It’s an emotional, stressful journey and I’m here to help you make it a pleasant and successful one.

Being in the real estate business for over 25 years I’ve been lucky enough to meet some fantastic people; people from all walks of life which is one of the reasons that I enjoy this business so much. I joined Chestnut Park at its inception which was exciting seeing this amazing company launch itself into the Canadian market and become the leading private company in the real estate business.

I love living in Port Hope. The town is so close to Toronto that it’s easy to pop in for the day, see a show, have lunch with friends or go to the AGO. Being 50 minutes from Bayview/401 makes it an easy drive.

Chestnut Park has an enormous range of contacts, fabulous technology resources, and marketing ability which is a huge help in both the selling and purchasing of my clients’ homes.

When I’m not working on real estate, you’ll probably find me working in my garden!